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SafeGuard Cyber Sample Risk Report 2022

Beyond Email: New Business Communication Risks

SafeGuard Cyber's platform is 100% cloud delivered. We can have you up and running in a matter of minutes. We'll also provide you a custom risk report!

Assess Your Business Communication Risk with a No-Cost Trial

Historical analysis identifies and summarizes key issues and trends across individuals, departments, and in total.

  • Nothing to install. API driven, set up in minutes
  • No impact to your existing email, collaboration, or social media infrastructure
  • Customized threat report for your organization in 30 days

Executive Summary

The SafeGuard Cyber Risk Assessment Report explains the type of detections we find during a POV period with our prospects. We provide actionable recommendations that can be adopted to mitigate business communication risks.

In this example, our findings indicate a continual exposure to a variety of risk factors, as well as one notable Spear-phishing attack and one case of Personally-Identifiable Information leakage.


of breaches in the last year involved an element to exploit a human vulnerability


of business communication is now in digital channels outside of email, a 17% increase since 2020


of the 43% Fortune 100 use Slack, just a few of the 600k companies around the world

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