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SafeGuard Cyber Security

SafeGuard Cyber Security

SafeGuard Cyber’s patented technology empowers organizations to detect and respond to threats and business risks by understanding the context and intent of communications.

Secure your business communications against social engineering attacks, insider threats, ransomware, and phishing. With deep visibility into Microsoft email, Teams, Slack, and over 20 other communication channels, your teams can detect threats early and reduce investigation time from days to minutes.

What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?


Stop BEC and Communications Compromise

Detect and stop the phishing and social engineering attacks that lead to BEC and other compromise workplace channels, including Slack, Teams, LinkedIn, Zoom, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more.

Account Takeover / Impersonation

Detect Impersonations and Account Takeovers

Impersonation and Account Takeover (ATO) is a growing threat to organizations that can lead to data compromise and financial loss. You can identify and defend against this type of threat by applying technical controls to detect the social engineering tactics that lead to these damaging attacks.

Insider Threats

Secure Your People and Data From Insider Threats

Insider threats can be intentional or unintentional but they pose a huge risk to businesses. It can be difficult to spot insider threats but monitoring inbound and outbound communication and collaboration tools can help you spot threats before they become serious issues.

Social Engineering

Stopping Social Engineering Attacks

For over 30 years, Social Engineering has continued to compromise even the most sophisticated enteprises. Now you can apply technical controls to alert on high-risk human communications to stop phishing, coercion, and infiltration.

Business Conduct Violations

Detect Business Conduct Violations

Business conduct violations can create unsafe working conditions and expose a company to legal risks. Gain the visibility need to stop harassment, discrimination, and bullying across email, MS Teams, Slack, and more.


Stop Phishing Attacks

Phishing remains a threat to even the most sophisticated enterprises, leading to BEC, ransomware, and credential theft. With contextual analysis and Natural Language Understanding, now you can stop phishing attacks in all your communication channels by disrupting them earlier in the kill chain.

How SafeGuard Cyber Mitigates Business Risks

Unified Visibility

Close the visibility gap for business communication risks. With deep visibility into messages across 30 communication channels, security teams can now detect and investigate risk events across your business communications environment, from Microsoft 365 email to Slack, Teams, Zoom and beyond -- even into LinkedIn and WhatsApp. Threat actors are targeting employees because social engineering remains a low-risk, high-reward attack vector to gain access and escalate privileges.

With an API-first architecture, SafeGuard Cyber deploys quickly. There are no agents to maintain, so your team can focus on risk mitigation. With integration as the application layer, the SOC gains a transparent security layer wherever employees access business communication channels. Regardless of device or network, SafeGuard Cyber's Natural Language Understanding (NLU) analytics engine is at work.

With the most comprehensive solution on the market, you can scale protection across 30 communication channels like Microsoft 365 email, collaboration, chat, conferencing, social media, and mobile chat. Achieve efficient risk reduction for enterprise business communications with risk analytics supporting more than 50 languages.

Contextual Analysis

Detect threats that your other tools miss by going beyond metadata analysis. Today's tooling is still built with a corporate network in mind, to analyze machine-to-machine communication. But today's workspace is everywhere, extended across managed and unmanaged devices, and accessible from any location. Threat actors know this, and they're targeting your people for compromise.

SafeGuard Cyber protects the human communications that drive business collaboration, productivity, and growth. With leading NLU technology and patented Social Engineering Detection, our platform helps security teams fortify the human layer in your enterprise. By alerting on the context and intent in risky communications, security teams can finally drill down to quickly disrupt social engineering attacks, insider threats, BEC, impersonations, and other attacks that weaponize human trust.

Cross-Channel Detection

Reduce MTTD and investigation time with the ability to detect and correlate risks across your entire business communications environment. Is the suspicious message about credentials in Slack related to a possible impersonation email?

Improve SOC efficiency by seeing the whole picture. Instead of putting out fires, see where the whole attack campaign is coming from and disrupt it early. Built-in response playbooks and integrations into IAM providers help teams take defense action quickly. 

Third Generation Platform with Patented NLU

Stop Threats That Other Tools Miss

Legacy SEG solutions miss today's social engineering attacks

SEG solutions were built for a different mode of communication and focus entirely on one vector while missing the channels where today's collaboration and internal work primarily take place.

Integrated Cloud Communications Security is Built for Today's Digital Workspace

With the most comprehensive risk analytics on the market, SafeGuard Cyber helps security teams protect their business communications from social engineering, phishing, insider threats, and more language-based attacks that evade legacy tooling.

Understand Context and Intent

Go beyond metadata analysis to understand the context and intent of business communication risks. Understand how and why.

Are persuasion tactics being used to ask for access? Is there false urgency to an invoice request?

Give your teams the best chance to stop advanced social engineering threats early.

SafeGuard Cyber Security Product Walkthrough

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